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A-Z of Fantastical Creatures 

Art Direction:   Monica Lynn Brodovsky
Fonts: Mrs. Eaves, Jana Thork Pro
Software: Procreate, Adobe Indesign

Throughout each culture and continent people have always told stories of mythical creatures, some small, some large, some benevolent, and some down right evil. In this book I sought to illustrate various fantastical creatures who each play an important role in their respective cultures. Each creature has its own unique features which often vary from tale to tale, and using my own artistic liberties I distilled them into a graceful illustration style that flowed with its respective letter form. On the cover of the book, I kept the illustration vague and generalized, as I did not want to favor any one creature over the other. Instead, I focused on graceful line work with an allusion of what was contained within. 


Each page features unique ornamentation which draws inspiration from the creatures place of origin. For the Okuri-Inu, I chose to reference the treacherous mountain forests that they haunt by creating an ornamental design that represents tree branches. 

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